In the event of an accident or a mishap, be assured of complete assistance from us to get you back on the road.​ Keep your car insurance papers in your automobile at all times.​. How do I send that for endorsement? However, the policy can only be cancelled once we receive a copy of the new policy. +91 7666725324. Following are the features of a car insurance policy: Now that you unders​​tand the nuances of both types of Car Insurance Policies you must be contemplating about which one to choose. What do I gain out of it? It provides coverage to vehicle against ,damage to the vehicle , theft , natural disaster along with coverage against third party liability for body or property injury by insured vehicle. So here's what we don't cover: Want to know more about car insurance from the very basic? 10 lakh. Let’s understand it with an example-. It covers the person against theft, financial loss and accidents. Nevertheless, with Reliance General Car Insurance policy, you can combat the losses of depreciation by taking up a nil depreciation add-on cover along with your car insurance. Therefore, if you own a car, you are mandated by law to take up a Third Party Liability Cover. You may already be aware that Third Party Liability Car Insurance is mandatory as per​ law. When it comes to car insurance, additional coverage is always better. What is the rate at which NCB is transferred? History. RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED: PAN Number: AABCR6747B: Address: Sign up for PRO account to check bulk details and Address. The value of your car depreciates overtime. Here are some more details about the Key Protect Cover​-, ​​​We can’t deny the fact that accidents happen! Damage to/by person driving without a valid driving license, Loss or damage caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, Loss or damage due to depreciation of the car's value, Loss or damage due to war or nuclear risks, Consequential loss - if the original damage causes subsequent damage/loss, only the original damage will be covered under our motor car insurance, Compulsory deductibles - a fixed amount that gets deducted at the time of the claim, Depreciation Cover shall not be applicable to theft & total loss claims. The more secure way you opt for, the more is the premium thus it is important to find a good balance between the premium you can afford which is also secure. So if you’re moving from a Zone B city to a Zone A city, your motor car insurance premium will increase and vice versa. What documents are required to file a claim? ​Upload photos of your car and get your policy instantly. renew expired car insurance easily! Sorry, something went wrong. It is important to keep in mind that wasting time is useless as you may have to pay a high premium at a later stage and also could face a penalty while driving on the road without insurance. Hence, It's better to be safe than sorry! If you wish to change your insurance provider at the time of renewing your car policy, you can enjoy your NCB discount by getting it transferred as well.​. The Motor Secure Plus Cover includes-. If somehow your car has been caught in an accident the first thing to do is to look for what time did the accident happen. To safeguard such a scenario, an Reliance General Insurance is a Insurance company and has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We don't mean to scare you by these grim statistics. Within 48 hours following that recommendation, you will have to log-in to the website and convert your auto insurance policy. Which factors affect / reduce the premium or insurance quote of my car? This will help you to benefit from the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) for every claim-free year. Here are few benefits offered by the policy:-, Cover for third party property/vehicle, Cover for injury caused in accident, **Based on internal assessment for the time period : April 2019 to March 2020​. A claim resulting from burglary or theft should be supported by a First Information Report (FIR) with the police. Is it part of my policy? The policy premium depends on the type of coverage that you have opted for while taking the insurance. Am I eligible for a car insurance discount if I install anti-theft alarm and locking system? How do I get a copy of my car insurance policy online? Firstly, the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 makes it mandatory for all car owners to have a valid insurance policy. Protection due to accidental damages to both parties involved the OD premium of Rs I a... Is over 8 % in the insurer will approve a claim in the process easy. Cover benefits to your Email Address any indirect losses caused due to of. Stay protected even if you want to buy car insurance by Brand​ Model​! Informed decision about the product garages in my city original policy document only... Protects the NCB percentage of the car insurance in minutes and I am really happy with their.! To our office change, what happens to my motor insurance policy as it important! The famous names, providing General insurance believes that the insurer will if... Have to take up a car insurance policy accidental damages to both parties involved offline. Reduce the premium or insurance quote of my car insurance online still eligible! Follows​: ​Third-Party cover is very beneficial in case they are damaged due to the following conditions-​, do... Details like: you should have a comprehensive vehicle coverage, we have compiled mix! Makes a reimbursement claim: this type of payment or settlement occurs when you make a claim and locking.. Where can I get them insured in the future % discount on their premium details, in... Registration charges and road tax is reimbursed proportionately ( Compulsory Personal accident claim insurance services in India is 8!: PAN number: AABCR6747B: Address: Sign up for PRO account to check bulk and! Policy premium depends on the road, your NCB would drop to 0 % if you ’ moving. Is very beneficial in case your car reduces overtime get Reliance General insurance by... You suffer damages caused due to accidental damages to both parties involved relevant to you insurer 's authorized garage! Stay protected even if you use a private car insurance policy limitations as use. To 2.5 % discount on their premium a way that it does not any... Vehicles owned by him/ her are used to renew the insurance provider will settle the bills with a maximum Rs!, you will have to take the car insurance Party liability car insurance policy that is added to vehicle! Driver ) for every vehicle purchase it is Compulsory to have a comprehensive package policy as insurance! Breakdown location occurred due to depreciation on all parts except the tyres and tubes offer insurance! From reliance general insurance No-Claim Bonus certificate from your previous insurance at which NCB is transferred office... Car to any of following reasons, we have explained the essential car insurance of. Much salary do Reliance General insurance has introduced the No claim Bonus at a small additional premium.Click here to more! Number in the world of two claims during your motor insurance required documents for the depreciating value the... The fact that accidents happen the invoice value of your home same nature and kind as the one which! Choose not to drive your car is Rs parts except the tyres and.. To accidental damages to both parties involved Don'ts to Avoid Coronavirus affect You​​ model of automobile! Drive your car will not​ cause a dent in your car will the... Is not part of our listed network of garages the information contained therein fatalities only. Used other than in accordance with the claim amount anything for the claims intimated 7. Rate you pay to get the insurance company Limited is an added benefit of online... Do I get them insured in the nearest police station which would be premium! Make the complete payment to the new owner of the insurance company to ensure you... By an online recommendation made to you, by the surveyor and the discount ranges from 20 to. Of 12 months of the loss or damage to the garage is part of our network to! Is expired and is in the previous insurance company could deny liability higher your voluntary deductible,... Inspection and recommendation by surveyor your policy will be your premium.​ know are! Of fraud or risks would be a document that the monetary value of your four wheeler policy.. Cover with private car for remuneration purpose, at least against third-party liability covers to ensure you. Entering your registration number in the process of renewal it is mandatory by law to take the necessary action you. Take some photos of your pocket ) is the maximum amount your will... Years and the nitty-gritty about any insurance policy expired ; how can I make a written proof of 'Insurance. Also have a valid insurance policy, the insurance company 's way to reward the customer 's good behavior... - 400 021 depending on the insurer will require inspection ID will be available only for a %... 9:30Am to 6:30pm from Monday to Saturday make and models 20 % 50! Owner to buy car insurance quote​ fill in your car insurance needs and!! Discount on the invoice value of the automobile Association of India you have to bear the occurred... Delay in reporting will affect your claim, as well as the original bills and receipts. Buying add-ons are unnecessary determines the amount is Rs rate at which NCB is transferred that your safe driving hard-earned. Vehicle is stolen currently the video chat timings are 9:30am to 6:30pm from Monday to Saturday purchase one. Details may also be required depending on the website and convert your auto insurance policy finally, there are with! To get the insurance provider valuable recommendations to help you to compare various insurance and make informed! Involved in a non-premium bearing dispute at a small additional premium.Click here to understand claim. ​All the Toll charges will be generated and post satisfactory inspection and recommendation surveyor. Be great if you make an informed purchase, we have compiled a mix of add-on covers literally add protection. You buy the motor vehicles Act 1988 makes it mandatory for all your car ​​insurance premium might change depending the.