Mobile check-ins provide a smooth start to a positive guest experience and also decreases the need for large amounts of staff to manage the front desk. At large hotels particularly, the check in and check out procedures … Both customers and businesses can benefit from improved communication, reservations, and guest service systems. Copyright ©2021 Fingent. Renaissance Midtown Hotel, New York, features an interactive wall called The Discovery Portal. He leads, mentors & coaches a team of Project Coordinators & Analysts at Fingent.”, New York A huge benefit of working in the hospitality industry is that you can expect no two days to ever be completely the same whilst working in almost any role. AI Chatbots. New-age travelers like to be on self-sufficient to save time and effort. One of the main benefits of smart technology is how it aggregates … “Vinod has conceptualized and delivered niche mobility products that cater to various domains including logistics, media & non-profits. The latest technological advances contribute greatly to making check … 3. , a hospitality-focused offshoot of its popular virtual assistant Alexa. This makes a position in this sector particularly exciting, as you are likely to always be kept on your feet, often working in a fast-paced environment, but you are rewarded by the fact that it always remains interesting and dynamic. Better self-service. They can send mid-stay surveys to check in on their guests and ensure they’re enjoying their experience. Areas of impact of Information Technology on Tourism and hospitality industry. Trivandrum. For the hotel, this is a much cost-effective solution compared to leaving the air conditioner on at all times. Currently, the internet is that place. Advertising in multiple venues. About 87% of TripAdvisor users feel more confident when they read travel reviews, and about 98% find such reviews “accurate of the actual experience.”. Let’s review some trending new mobile technologies in the hospitality industry to help your business adapt and stay relevant in the digital age: Today’s guests enjoy self-service technology. Popular websites such as,,, and even websites of hotel chains, such as and others are now the default way people search for room, deals and make bookings. Guests will be automatically reminded regarding their services to ensure that everything is accurate, reducing administrative costs and mistakes. Big Data and Big Data Protection. Staff management apps are like the back-end version of a guest engagement platform. Technology allows hotels to become lean and mean, and make their internal processes more seamless and effective. According to the Oracle Hospitality report, 35% of guests said they would prefer the ability to schedule room cleaning and 26% said they would like to receive a smartphone notification to show if their room was being cleaned. Technology is paramount in the success of Hospitality and tourism industry regardless of having some flaws as evide… 5G technology will make devices connect with each other in a much more efficient way. The convenience and accessibility of mobile keys has ensured the “keyless entry” trend has become an indispensable part of the modern hotel industry. It’s a virtual concierge where guests are allowed to choose from categories of entertainment, dining and much more by stepping onto a circular hologram projected on the floor. Guests often don’t have visibility over a hotel’s entire suite of services and facilities. Hilton Worldwide already offers guests the ability to check in and out, select their room, check maps and make extra requests or purchases, from their smartphones. Virtual Booking Processes. However, keeping abreast of the changing technology, and developing cutting-edge solutions based on such technology is a big challenge for hotels, and would, in any case, be a drag on their core focus. Reputation Management Social media has forever changed the way brand marketing is conducted. 1. In such a state of affairs, hotels are increasingly investing in enhancing their social media presence through brand ambassadors, brand advocates, influencers and others. Technology helps process and speed up operations, which has a direct effect on guest satisfaction. With travelers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, hotels who do not embrace the latest technology to deliver innovative services to their guests stand out to lose big time. Self check-in … Today, hospitality professionals can provide information about their hotel via a single tablet. while computers have become an integral part of the travel agency business since its extensive use, Age information has brought many new benefits. According to a recent survey conducted in 2013 entitled “Worldwide Social Network Users,” nearly 25 percent of the world’s population uses some form of social media regularly. New technologies can help hotels and travel companies add value to their guests’ experiences, and this opportunity should not be missed. WeBee is The Winner of the Award for Guest Engagement Platform of the Year in Europe. Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in the hospitality industry, because of its ability to carry out human functions. A marketing automation suite makes it possible to customize interactions with guests, send automated emails to guests as required, and do more with less effort. Hotel management teams can use these insights to improve overall guest services. What has really caught the eye of travel professionals is the way VR can replicate real destinations. Guests may, for instance, turn the air conditioner on through an app installed on their smartphone, to ensure optimal temperature when they enter the room. Security, for instance, is of paramount importance in the digital age, in terms of guest identities, address information, and financial data. Smart hotel automation technology enables every smart device to communicate with each other and gives a world-class in-room experience to guests without even touching or moving your finger. With VR being used for entertainment and educational purposes, we are starting to see that many kinds of businesses can benefit from this technology, and the travel industry is no exception. AR/VR solutions will soon make it possible for consumers to survey the … “The success of Pokemon Go has led to an increase in usage of the technology in the hospitality industry and how [hoteliers] are using AR games to improve the overall experience of staying in a hotel,” says Huibert de Jong, CEO of Xtend, an agency in Oslo that designs and builds extended reality (a mix of AR, VR and MR) applications. Today’s customers are highly knowledgeable and see through marketing pitches instantly. The role of technology in hospitality industry has gained high importance in effectively managing employee efficiency, customer satisfaction and thereby generating enhanced revenue. In fact, the average ROI is 300% in sales. They can promote their services to guests instantly. Technology can help businesses in the hospitality industry stay relevant and competitive, save time and money, and increase client satisfaction in six important ways. For example, if someone cancels their reservation in the spa, other guests who are interested in attending can be easily informed instead. How Technology Benefits Hotel Managers ... With the hospitality industry more populous than ever, in order for a business to thrive, they must focus on customer retainment and most importantly, they must stand out. The mobile key offers authorised users with digital access to specific secured doors in the property. At WeBee, we create branded apps so your hotel to increase guest engagement and staff productivity. Guests can be easily segmented by their previous actions or duration of stay; for example, managers can send separate messages to guests on the day of their check-in or to guests who have used the spa. Improved analytics may also allow guests to select hotels with facilities that best match their tastes, interest, and convenience. Technology has helped reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and improve services and customer experience. Find out how Fingent can provide customized solutions to comprehend and analyze large data and automate data input procedures. Using Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Hotel Industry. Check this video to learn how guests at Yotel uses Robotic Luggage Storage. Hotels would rather do well to partner with our experienced and talented team to develop technology related solutions. For those who think such benefits are too exaggerated, all they need to do is try and check in or check out of a Las Vegas hotel on Sunday noon. Surveys show that around 48% of smartphone users in the U.S are comfortable researching, booking and planning their entire trip to a new travel destination using only a mobile device. The IoT adds smartness required to deliver quality services to the customers and to enhance the performance of business operations. It’s fascinating that a function as simple as a door key could undergo so … Self check-in. One the fastest growing tools for internet marketers today is social media. Digital keys play a major role in providing a more convenient and improved guest experience. Hotel management teams can use these insights to improve overall guest services. As the partnership between the tourism industry and technology grows both of them have earned several … The benefits of AR in the hospitality industry are two-fold: as a front of house application and as a back of house application integrated with other technologies, like an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) mobile application. Boston Pro: Answering Guest Questions on Hotel Premises Technology’s Effect on Hotels and Restaurants: Building a Strategic Competitive Advantage Dean A. Koutroumanis University of Tampa The changing face of technology has played an integral role in the development of the hotel and restaurant industry. Technology has shifted the balance of power toward guests, and hotels have no option but to work harder to match customer expectations. While it sounds like something that movie directors should consider for their next project, having such an establishment is really much closer than you think.